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Oak National Academy Website (Good maths and English, with a selection of other subject to complement BBC Bite Size). 

Outline of Summer Term 2020 

Maths   6 July     Worksheets 3.13(this is the question sheet)     Answers (and this is the answer sheet)
Maths 29 June     Worksheets 3.12                       Answers
Maths 22 June     Worksheets 3.11                       Answers
Maths 15 June     Worksheets 3.10                      Answer
Maths 8 June     Worksheets 3.9                        Answers
Maths 1 June     Worksheets 3.8                         Answers   
Maths 18 May     Worksheets 3.7                        Answers 
Maths 11 May      Worksheets 3.6                       Answers
Maths 4 May       Worksheets 3.5                      Answers 
Maths 27 April   Worksheets 3.4                        Answers 
Maths 20 April   Worksheets 3.3                        Answers
Maths 6 April      Worksheet 3.1 & 3.2                 Answers 


Hand Writing Practice 

Hand Writing Practice Instructions

Handwriting Worksheets to print or copy from 6 July 2020
Handwriting Worksheets to print or copy from 29 June 2020

Handwriting Worksheets to print or copy from 15 June 2020

Handwriting Worksheets to print or copy from 8 June 2020
Handwriting Worksheets to print or copy from 1 June 2020
Handwriting Worksheets to print or copy from 18 May 2020
Handwriting Worksheets to print or copy from 11 May 2020 
Handwriting Worksheets to print or copy from 4 May 2020 
Handwriting Worksheets to print or copy from 27 April 2020
Handwriting Worksheets to Print or Copy from 20 April 2020 

BBC Bite Size Y3

First News 
6 July 2020
22 June 2020

15 June 2020
8 June 2020
29 May 2020
18 May 2020
11 May 2020
1 May 2020

24 April 2020
17 April 2020 

Geography Location -The UK

WC 18 May 2020
Water Cycle –

The water cycle is a physical process that happens on the surface of the Earth and in the Earth's atmosphere.

Create  a poster to show the 4 main stages of the water cycle:

Try and include information on:

  • Evaporation
  • Condensation
  • Precipitation
  • Collection

Helpful information:


WC 11 May 2020
Human processes both influence and are influenced by the physical features of environments that offer both possibilities for and constraints to human activity.
Research the most popular tourist destinations in the United Kingdom.


Make a travel brochure for people wanting to visit your local area you
Try and include:

  • An activity that you can pay for
  • An activity that is free
  • Places to eat/drink

Examples of travel brochures:


WC 4 May 2020

Physical features are the naturally occurring landforms of environments. They include:

  • hills
  • mountains
  • valleys
  • bodies of water, e.g. streams, becks, tarns, rivers, lakes, seas, oceans, lagoons
  • natural resources, e.g. the site of copper, tin, zinc, cobalt (although mines that are created to extract them are human features).

Research the tallest mountains in the United Kingdom. Present your research as a poster including:

  • The Name of the mountain
  • The location
  • The height
  • Key features
  • Diagrams


WC 27 April 2020

Go for a walk around your local area for your daily exercise – draw a map identifying key features such as shops, schools, libraries, parks etc. If you are unable to go out, please draw a map of your house instead. 

 WC 20 April 2020

Using the given website, research your location, present your findings in your work book including information on:

  • Capital city
  • Population
  • Countries (include drawings of the flags)
  • Major cities
  • Famous places (Choose 1 of these famous places to research in more detail)


Watch the class clip: Exploring the United Kingdom https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zyhp34j/articles/z4v3jhv


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