Writing and Spellings

At Park Junior School we continuously work hard to ensure that children develop the basic skills needed to ensure their reading, writing, spelling, speaking and listening are of the highest standard that each child can achieve.

Writing is developed through daily English lessons, but also applied across the curriculum, thus ensuring that children understand that writing clearly, interestingly and to a high standard is a skill needed for the rest of their lives.  Across the school, we use the Talk 4 Writing approach, where children learn by heart high quality examples of a variety of genre and use them as a springboard to “innovate” their own ideas.

Correct grammar and punctuation are vital in order for children to communicate successfully and both are a focus whenever we are writing and speaking in school. Daily dedicated SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) lessons are designed to help the children embed these skills so that they can be used successfully when writing and speaking. Accurate spelling is also important and we follow the “No Nonsense” spelling scheme.  Children learn spelling rules, patterns and the etymology of words and classes compete and each week for the honour of looking after “Barnabee” our friendly spelling bee.

Year Group Writing Expectations (Y3)

Year Group Writing Expectations (Y4)

Year Group Writing Expectations (Y5)

Year Group Writing Expectations (Y6)

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