At Park Junior school we love reading and want our children to develop a life-long love of reading.  We know that, if our children are to reach their full potential, it is important that they are fluent and confident readers. We want every child to develop this fundamental skill and a rich and varied vocabulary.

Every class has a “reading corner” with a regularly refreshed selection of books and children visit our wonderful school library with their class.  In addition, the library is open each lunch time, manned by a team of Y6 librarians.  ERIC time (everyone reading in class) is timetabled throughout the week, giving all children an opportunity to enjoy their book during the school day and volunteers from the community come in to listen to individual readers. In each class a selection of quality novels is shared over the course of the year. These are used as the basis for much of the whole class guided reading that happens daily to teach and develop specific reading skills.

A series of interventions are in place to boost the reading skills of children who have not yet developed age appropriate fluency and understanding.

The importance of reading at home cannot be underestimated and children take home their banded reading book together with a Reading Record every day.  We encourage our parents to read with their children regularly, listening to them, asking questions to probe their understanding and signing the Reading Record. Each week the number of signatures is recorded so that children can be entered into our Premiership Reading Challenge. Bronze, Silver and Gold awards are made in assembly each week and children achieving the Gold award (75 signatures) are able to choose a new book to be purchased and placed in the library (once they have been the first to read it). This year we will be running a parent’s workshop focused on how to read with your child.

Throughout the year we hold various reading events, including book fairs, World Book Day celebrations and we welcome authors into school to work alongside the children.



 Student A Reads  Student B Reads   Student C Reads
 20 minutes per day  5 minutes per day  1 minutes per day
 3,600 minutes per school year  900 minutes per school year  180  minutes per school year
books 25 books 15 books 1
 1,800,000 words per year  282,000 words per year  8,000 words per year
 Scores in the 90th per centile on standardized tests  Scores in the 50th per centile on standardized tests  Scores in the 10th per centile on standardized tests


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