At Park Junior School, we use Kangaroo maths to plan our lessons alongside Mathsnav for specific small step lesson focus.

Everyday we practise our arithmetic skills during our 'Fluent in Five' sessions.  These are short, low-stakes tests that normally have five calculation questions to solve in five minutes.  The children self-mark these alongside the teacher's demonstration of how to solve the questions.  These sessions are vital in keeping the children's calculation skills fresh irrespective of the maths they are covering in their main lessons.

Class teachers also determine which specific areas the individual class need to focus on and these are addressed during our basic skills time.

As part of our times tables learning, we use Times Table Rock Stars, which is an online programme. The children love working up to becoming a Rock Hero, however the main focus is their accuracy which is monitored and celebrated every Friday.

We then start the main lesson and each class follows a similar structure.  We start with teacher instruction of the new concept.  The children then move on to a task where they will practise their new skill.  This will always involve standard examples of the particular maths and some non-standard examples.  These non-standard examples really ensure the children have grasped the new learning.  They then independently move on to a task which involves tackling a common misconception which really stretches their thinking about the particular concept.  Lastly, they move on to a task which gives them the opportunity to deepen their understanding and apply their learning to different contexts. 

Wherever possible, we mark the children's work with them in the lesson so we can work through any mistakes. 

Our aim is that everyone works on the same objective at the same time with the differentiation being the level of scaffolding and support given. 

To support learning at home, we use another online tool called Mathletics. Children receive homework weekly.

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