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Curriculum Statement

At Park Juniors we want the children to leave us as independent, enquiring learners who will succeed in the 21st century so we are determined to provide the best quality teaching and learning experiences for each child. We plan a broad, rich and deep curriculum which we feel meets the needs of all our children. We have designed a topic based approach that ensures learning takes place in context through cross curricular links making it real and meaningful for our children so that they are completely immersed in their learning. Our curriculum allows children to build on their learning, progressively acquiring the knowledge and skills needed for the next stage in their education. This means ensuring children are confident in reading, writing and maths, which supports them fully accessing the broad curriculum and enrichment opportunities available. Children are challenged not only to develop their understanding, but to master and articulate it. As a result, our children are successful, self-motivated, independent learners who love learn.
During the academic year, we will focus on the following subjects: Geography History Science and Religious Studies. These topic areas are then enriched using Art, Design and Technology, Computing, French and Music.  Where links cannot be made, some subjects will be taught separately – such as maths and PE.
Recognising the importance of oracy for social mobility and job prospects we focus strongly on developing children’s language and vocabulary. Throughout the academic year, the children will be given on-going opportunities to demonstrate their writing skills across a range of subjects in the curriculum. English will still be taught separately, following the philosophy of Talk4Writing by Pie Corbett; an approach that encourages the children to learn different texts and writing styles and to use key language features and structures from them in their own, independent writing.
As a result of our curriculum, pupils enjoy school and achieve well. The vast majority of pupils achieve the expected standard by the time they leave Park Juniors, but as importantly our children and parents tell us that they enjoy the school’s curriculum.

Current Parents Comments.

I just want to say what an awesome job you are all doing, putting yourselves in possible danger, keeping the children safe and trying to help the children understand what is going on in the world at the moment.
Thank you for going to work everyday to help all our children, in these very difficult and strange times.
My hat goes off to you all and I think you're all amazing.
Thanks again, stay safe and look after yourselves.

I just wanted to say thanks for all the emails that you've sent so quickly today regarding the situation and for getting school work set up already.  It helps us as parents sort out plans for the next two weeks.
We wanted to write and say a massive thank you for all you have done over the last few months to look after the school, yourselves and the children. You have got the balance right between safety and letting children be children. 
Our child has really enjoyed returning to school and their confidence as a person has really grown; even with the challenging circumstances that they sometimes finds it hard to adapt to. 

As a parent I can attest to how well the remote provision has progressed over the last week and I know there are even more plans ahead. 
Thank you to you and the whole team for your efforts and have a peaceful weekend. 




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