The Creative Curriculum at Park Junior

The Curriculum at Park Junior

At Park Juniors we want the children to leave us as independent, enquiring learners so we are determined to provide the best quality teaching and learning experiences for each child. We plan a broad, rich and deep curriculum which we feel meets the needs of all our children. Our curriculum aims to provide a breadth of learning experiences for all children. As part of the ‘making it stick’ approach, we aim to give children the opportunity to draw upon previous learning experiences and use new ones to create and sustain a valuable link between knowledge and understanding. During their four years of study, the children will manoeuvre through the Chris Quigley Milestones. This ‘Basic, Advanced, Deepen’ strategy allows for wholly inclusive education whilst fostering fundamental independent learning skills.  We have designed a topic based approach that ensures learning takes place in context through cross curricular links making it real and meaningful for our children so that they are completely immersed in their learning.

Emphasis is placed on developing children’s skills as learners and to encourage increasing independence as they grow older.

Recognising the importance of oracy for social mobility and job prospects we focus strongly on developing children’s language and explicitly teaching new vocabulary.

We do this through a number of approaches.  Firstly, we focus on using language rich texts across our curriculum and encouraging children to read a range of challenging texts.  We also explicitly teach Tier 3 words, which are subject specific words, through our Knowledge Organisers (see year groups) and our foundation subject lessons.  In addition to this, we have discrete vocabulary sessions where we explicitly teach Tier 2 words.  These are the kinds of words that can occur frequently across a number of subjects but that a lot of children will not know unless explicitly taught.  Having knowledge of a large number of Tier 2 words ensures our children are better placed to access and understand a number of texts and subjects.

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Everyday words encountered in daily conversation. Most children come to school already knowing these words and we use them frequently across the school day.

Words that are frequently used across all subject areas and that children come across in a range of texts. Provide access to more complex topics and discussions outside of the everyday.

Words which are relevant for a specific subject or content area and what we would often call "topic words". We put these on our knowledge organisers and explicitly teach them within specific subjects.

dog, beautiful, happy, play, sad, large.

 relative, vary, analysis, slave, hesitate, citizen, observe.

lava, circumference, meander, aorta, sarcophagus, permeable.

For each topic, we have created a Knowledge Organiser which is shared with the children and parents at the beginning of each term. These have all the key knowledge that we want the children to learn and secure into their long-term memory.  All science, geography and history lessons will focus on learning and developing this key knowledge.  To assist the children in securing this knowledge

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Full National Curriulum

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