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At Park Junior School we believe that good attendance is essential if our children are to take full advantage of school life and gain the educational and social skills which will equip them for their futures. It is important too, that children arrive and leave school on time. At Park Junior School we expect our children to attend every day that the school is open unless a reason acceptable to the school is given and we are able to authorise the absence.

Our school aims to achieve good attendance by working in partnership with staff, children, parents and our Attendance Officer - Tracey Law . We shall monitor attendance and work to solve quickly any identified problems so that absence and lateness are kept to a minimum.

All staff will encourage good attendance and punctuality. Where there are difficulties our attendance officer will liaise with families and other agencies when this is appropriate, and would seek advice and support from the Education Performance and Inclusion team at Gloucestershire County Council. At Park Junior School good attendance and punctuality are seen as achievements in their own right.

School Absence Guidance For Parents/Carers Leaflet

Attendance Guidance For Parents/Carers Leaflet



  • Promote good attendance and punctuality as the norm.
  • Help every child to reach their maximum potential unhindered by unnecessary breaks in their school life.
  • Demonstrate that good attendance and punctuality are valued by our school.
  • Maintain a pattern of monitoring attendance and punctuality that ensures consistency throughout our school.
  • Communicate with parents/Carers in relation to their children’s attendance and punctuality.


Lessons begin promptly at 8.55 am and at 1.05 pm.

Registers must be marked at the beginning of each half day session. Children who are absent or late will be noted.

Arrangements for the recording of lateness

Children who arrive after the close of the register must report to the school office where their name and time of arrival will be noted in the lateness book. If there is a valid reason for lateness, e.g. doctor’s appointment, this may then be authorised, but children/parents who fail to provide an adequate explanation for the lateness will be marked as late or late after registration has closed.

Authorised/Unauthorised Absence

  • Parents/Carers are asked to inform our school on the first day of their children’s absence by Studybugs. We operate a ‘First Day Absence Call’ system if no message has been received by 10.00am. It’s important for Parents/Carers to realise that not all reasons for absence may be regarded as valid and consequently may not be authorised.
  • Absence may be authorised for illness, hospital appointments, school visits/attending interviews, for religious reasons, or for unavoidable circumstances such as bereavement, moving house or serious emergency.
  • Routine dentist or doctor appointments should be made, where possible, outside of the school day.
  • If the teacher is concerned that the absence may not be due to the reason given they should then inform either the in-school attendance officer - Tracey Law or Head Teacher who may need to discuss the matter with the parent/carer and/or the Education Performance and Inclusion team.

Parents/carers of children who are consistently late or whose attendance is perceived to be poor will be referred to our Head Teacher to discuss strategies for improvement.


There are thirteen weeks of school holidays each year (a quarter of the year) and we firmly believe that family holidays should be taken during these times.  As a school, we strongly discourage additional holidays as they lead to children falling behind with their learning. The Head Teacher only has discretion to authorise leave of absence during term time in exceptional circumstances. Please be aware if your holiday request is refused or you take leave without asking you are at risk of receiving a Penalty Notice without further warning.


  • At the end on the school year all parents/carers are sent an information pack, part of which emphasises the importance of good attendance and punctuality. This is also emphasised at the meeting to which all parents/carers are invited prior to their children joining the school.
  • Parents/carers of children who join our school in different year groups have individual meeting with the Head Teacher where, again, the importance of good attendance and punctuality are emphasised.
  • Individual yearly attendance figures for children are sent to parents/carers as part of the end of year reports.
  • Early intervention with parents/carers of children causing concern is important so that any problems can be sorted out at an early stage in order that good attendance or punctuality is not compromised.


Outstanding 100% - 99%  Excellent
Good 98% - 97%  Excellent
Satisfactory 96% - 95% 2 SCHOOL WEEKS OF LOST LEARNING
Unsatisfactory 94% - 90% 4 SCHOOL WEEKS OF LOST LEARNING
Totally Unacceptable 89% - 76% 8 SCHOOL WEEKS OF LOST LEARNING


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