The Creative Curriculum at Park Junior

We have developed our curriculum so that we follow the new National Curriculum (2014), through a topic based approach. By doing this, we ensure that learning takes place in context through cross curricular links rather than teaching subjects in isolation. This means that our children are completely immersed in their learning.

During the academic year, we will focus on the following subjects: Geography History  and Science. These topic areas are then enriched using Art, D.T, Computing and Music (where applicable). Emphasis is placed on developing children’s skills as learners and skill ladders are used to ensure progression and to encourage increasing independence as they grow older. Where links cannot be made, curriculum content will be taught discretely.

Throughout the academic year, the children will be given on-going opportunities to demonstrate their writing skills across a range of subjects in the curriculum. However, English will still be taught in isolation, following the philosophy of Pie Corbett; an approach that encourages the children to learn different text types and then adopt and use key language features and structures from them in their own, independent writing.

Maths will also be taught discretely at Park, as will P.E.

Curriculum Overview for Years 3-6

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Full National Curriulum

If, as parent/carer of a pupil attending this school, you require a paper copy of the information on this website, we shall provide this free of charge. Please contact us.